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for these Amazing Products made in small batches Hand Crafted with the highest quality of Natural Ingredients!
Each product will come with a written description on how to use product & labeled with  your customized ingredients.     
First time Orders will come with Complimentary Samples. Please go to Contact Us Page & fill out form and leave a comment on what you'd be interested in sampling.  

Facial Cleanser
Rose, Lavender, Tea Tree 3 oz. Bottle
Price: $17.00
Choose Cleanser suited for your skin type:
Daily Facial Cleansing Grains
Gentle enough to use daily for smooth healthy skin 2 oz.Jar
Price: $28.00
Choose your skin type and I will customize:
Balancing Toner
Balancing Toner will hydrate, calm and balance skin's ph 4 oz. Bottle
Price: $12.00
Choose you skin type and I will customize:
Correcting Moisturizer
This is a true treat for your skin 2 oz. jar
Price: $30.00
Choose your skin type and I will customize:
Beautiful Eyes
Ultra Hydrating, anti-aging eye cream 1/2 oz. container
Price: $28.00
Enter Option Name:
Facial Serum
A drink of water for your skin 1 oz. bottle
Price: $30.00
Choose your skin type and I will customize:
Spot Treatment
Magic roll on to zap your zit away 1/3 oz.roller
Price: $15.00
Vitamin C Serum With Hyaluronic Acid
This will come with powder form Vitamin C and Liquid blend in separate bottles and mix when ready to use to keep it in freshest form. You will have a month supply with order.
Price: $40.00
Choose level of Vitamin C serum:
Pumpkin Enzyme Mask
Exfoliating Mask that will eat away at dead skin cells leaving skin smooth and clear
Price: $35.00
Facial Mask
Customized for your specific needs. Will come in 2 oz, jar
Price: $35.00
Choose your skin type and I will customize:
Headache Relief
Apply to temples, back of neck, under nose for relief 1/3 oz. roller
Price: $15.00
Chakra Oil Blend
Specific Oils to support & clear Chakras 1/3 oz. roller
Price: $15.00
Choose which Chakra Blend Below:
Hand Salve
Moisture & Protection that melts into skin 1 oz. tin
Price: $10.00
Lotion Bar
You wont be able to keep your hands off these bars!!!
Price: $12.00
Healing Balm
This balm is customized for your specific needs 1 oz. tin
Price: $15.00
Choose what best fits your needs:
Lip Sugar Scrub
Exfoliating leaving Lips Soft & Plump 1/2 oz. container
Price: $12.00
Lip Balm
Moisturizing & protecting sliding tin
Price: $4.00
Invigorating Coffee & Sugar Scrub
Body Scrub 6 oz.
Price: $25.00
Himalayan Pink Salt Glow
Body Scrub 6 oz.
Price: $25.00
Choose which Blend below:
Premium Essential Mist
Customized Blends 4 oz. bottle
Price: $12.00
Choose a Blend Below:
Whipped Body Butter
Velvety smooth
Price: $28.00
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